Class Description

Skyclad Workshops

My intention is to create non-competitive vinyasa flow (merging breath to movement) yoga classes that allow all men with varying yoga experience to come together and practice Skyclad (nude or clothing optional), building community through physicality, consciousness and awareness.

In these vinyasa flow classes, emphasis is placed on participants working at a level that is suitable for them in that moment. Adaptations are offered and encouraged, both to go deeper as well as to back off and find more ease. All classes will focus on calming and strengthening the body/mind, bringing awareness to correct alignment, while working with muscular ease. The classes will progress through: body awareness, Pranayama (breath work), Asanas (postures), Savasana (relaxation) and meditation.

Please note, scheduled Wednesday night classes will not include partner yoga or touch.
These classes are for individual solo asana practice.

My current philosophy in yoga is to practice feeling pleasure in the body.
With every posture and transition between postures, work at a level where the body is loving the attention and wants more. Some days/moments/postures that is gentle and calm while other times it can be deep, intense and hot. By practicing with this level of awareness in your body, your practice will nurture you more deeply, your body will be more open to taking in the information. There is a space for all of it within the same class.

If you are curious about my teaching style, feel free to try some of these videos.

Why Skyclad?

Following the traditions of Jainism are two sects known as Shvetambara or “white clad” and Digambaras which is translated as “clothed in the quarters of the sky” or “Skyclad”.
I like the expression, it speaks of lightness, potential and feels limitless. I believe it makes complete sense to have a physical, spiritual practice in the nude, a returning to the source, celebrating our bodies and humanity while building conscious community.

Naked is Natural

Face it, clothes get in the way.
In a Skyclad class, without clothes, we are able to feel the subtle sensations in the body which help us find our correct alignment. We also can feel more clearly when we are over working vs finding ease in postures. It always makes me smile when I attend a clothed class, how much time people spend adjusting their clothes… distractions and discomfort.

For those curious there is a unique freedom comparable to skinny-dipping. By creating clothing optional classes my desire is to invite and build a like minded community of men based on permission rather than restriction, to express, create and move as expansively as we are!!

“Namaste Ron: Swimming in the ocean feels really good…..swimming naked is even better. That is how I best express the beautifully, led class with you. Clothes on and practicing yoga is delicious, without ….a whole other level. Thank-you”

What about Erections?

Most of us were nervous for our first class but the atmosphere we are creating is one of acceptance and non-judgment, it’s surprising how quickly we forget we’re nude. Erections are not an issue and in fact should be celebrated as part of our manhood, although to be honest, you’ll probably be working too hard to get hard but in the event that you experience a hard-on, enjoy the sensation, but breathe and continue with your practice.
Because of my travel schedule, please check Calendar to confirm that classes are taking place

Metchosin studio is our home with more privacy, temperature control, no time constraints.

Please RSVP to ensure your space

Text 250-813-2939

Practitioners should bring:

  • a yoga mat
  • water
  • a towel or light blanket

1.5 hours
$20 drop in